Welcome to the renewed stock registry surface of CentRent !
Please read the following points thoughtfully!

To reserve on our website you should registrate yourself. You should do only once- after it the next time when you visit our website, you can easily log in..

- Click under the enter panel on the registration button- after it a data format will apear what you have to fill.Further on you can change your details what you fill previously.Please fill the form correctly, because it is the only way we can accept your occupation.

- After it click on the OK button and your registration will finish, what the website will confirm.

- The next step is to log in with your user name and with your password , and you can make it in the login menu which is on the left side of the website.

If you have any problems you can reach us on the following phone number
+36 - 20 - 541 - 1034

Please read the "VERY IMPORTANT THINGS" !